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【Top Ten International CSR Events】No.10 Japan Business Federation revises Charter of Corporate Behavior to deliver on the SDGs

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Since 2006, China WTO Tribune has set up annual columns of the top ten CSR events in the past year. China WTO Tribune presents you the Top 10 International CSR Events in 2017.
No.10 Japan Business Federation revises Charter of Corporate Behavior to deliver on the SDGs
On November 8, Keidanren, the Japan Business Federation revised their Charter of Corporate Behavior to deliver on the SDGs through the realization of ‘Society 5.0’, a future society sees SDGs as the core and the sustainable society as the foundation of the corporate development. Keidanren is encouraging its member companies to make behavioral changes not only within their own corporations, but also in their group companies and supply chains.  
Reason for listing
As an influential industrial group in the world, the Japan Business Federation actively incorporates SDGs into its own development strategies and norms of conduct and takes  ‘Society 5.0’ as a new growth model of “solving problems” and “creating the future”, that is, building the most appropriate super-intelligent society to solve environmental problems, poverty and other issues. What is worth expecting is that the idea of solving problems with innovation will lead the collective actions of enterprises for an inclusive and sustainable society.
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