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【Top Ten International CSR Events】No.1 IPC-1401 Supply Chain Social Responsibility Management System Guidance released


Since 2006, China WTO Tribune has set up annual columns of the top ten CSR events in the past year. China WTO Tribune presents you the Top Ten International CSR Events in 2017.
No. 1 IPC-1401 Supply Chain Social Responsibility Management System Guidance released
On February 15, IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries® officially released IPC-1401 Supply Chain Social Responsibility Management System Guidance. This standard specifies the requirements and guidance for a supply chain social responsibility management system that an enterprise can use to integrate social responsibility into products and its life cycle, product certification, supplier certification and procurement decision-making, and provides guidance on the constructive cooperation of customers and supplies to promote the social responsibility management of supply chain. This standard was developed by some electronics enterprises and experts volunteers in electronics industry in China.
Reason for listing
Based on the supply chain, to explore corporate social responsibility management has become a weight for success for multinational companies in the new era. The IPC-1401 enriches the CSR standard in the electronics industry and will help to prevent and reduce the supply risk and improve the efficiency of the supply chain in this widely-influencing industry. To actively participate in the formulation of global industry standards of social responsibility, reflects China’s responsibility commitment as a global manufacturing center. It also means higher industry competitiveness requirements.
For more information, please click here: http://www.ipc.org/TOC/IPC-1401.pdf
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