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GOME Retail Holdings Limited: Creating "future space" for children with open public welfare ecosystem

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Company profile
GOME Retail Holdings Limited(short as GOME) was founded on January 1, 1987. GOME has more than 1600 stores in China, covering more than 400 cities. It is one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises. Since its establishment for more than thirty years, GOME has always been open to reform and innovate. GOME pioneered the national chain operation mode, and pioneered the integrated e-commerce operation mode of B2C+ entity store. GOME continues to create value for users and lead the development of the industry in different historical stages.
Now, in the changing times, GOME follows the trend of the times and reforms. Under the guidance of "family and life" strategy, GOME introduces a new shared retail mode of "social interaction + business + benefit sharing", forming a shared retail dual platform that combines online and offline business. GOME focuses on five major sectors: home appliances, home decoration, home furnishing, home service and home finance, and has transformed from the past single business of electrical appliances to an overall solution provider with "family and life" as the core.
The 19th CPC National Congress report proposes that we will pay particular attention to helping people increase confidence in their own ability to lift themselves out of poverty and see that they can access the education they need to do so. Only by enabling poor children to receive good education can we cut off the roots of poverty. "Developing education to help poverty alleviation" is a major task assigned by the CPC Central Committee.
The education development in poverty-stricken areas is a comprehensive and systematic project. It is difficult to rely on single measures to promote balanced and healthy development of education in poor areas. We must take a unified approach and push forward it with systematic thinking. Under the overall background that China vigorously develops education informatization in China, GOME has the responsibility to provide quality educational equipment and resources for teachers and students in more poverty-stricken areas with the help of educational informationization and Internet technology, helping to achieve educational equity.
GOME worked with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to launch GOME's " Future Space " public welfare project, and announced the establishment of the GOME Future Foundation. The foundation links the high quality resources of all sides with the “Future Space " public service platform as a bridge, committing to building an open public welfare ecosystem and building sustainable public welfare projects.
Targeted poverty alleviation to help the balanced development of education
The "Future Space" project aims to redesign and renovate primary and secondary school classrooms in disaster-stricken and poverty-stricken areas, and add advanced electronic teaching equipment, making them a multimedia classroom that meets children's learning and entertainment needs so as to give play to the power of technological education in cultivating children's innovative thinking, diversified thinking, teamwork and horizons, etc.
Building a pluralistic public welfare ecosystem
GOME's "Future Space" project not only provides simple material relief, but also focuses on the growth needs of the rescuers. In order to more directly feel the status of children in the mountain areas, GOME launched the "Go To School" campaign before "99 public welfare day", calling on volunteers to go to the targeted poverty alleviation areas in Ludian and visit the "Future Space" project in the mountainous areas.
In addition, GOME also held the "Future Space" interactive experience, inviting students to participate in Beijing's dream journey. On the basis of material help, the journey provides more emotional help through face-to-face communication between students and volunteers, encouraging children to get out of the mountains and achieve a better life. Meanwhile, GOME organized the documentary "Children of the Mountain ". With the power of images, GOME appeals to more people to pay attention to the study and life of mountain children.
Creating public welfare sharing mode
GOME "Future Space" project promotes public welfare sustainable development by innovating in the public welfare supply-side and demand-side mechanism. For public welfare supply-side, the GOME "Future Foundation" brings together the love of people from all walks of life to build a platform where everyone can do philanthropy. For the public welfare demand side, GOME used the fund to build multimedia classrooms in mountainous areas and disaster areas and provide education and life assistance for children in disaster areas. GOME hopes to build a bridge to communicate with children in poor areas through the "future foundation, letting the power of society help people in need. GOME's "Future Space" public welfare project also allows everyone to participate in public welfare through the "WeRun"on WeChat and "Buy for Good" and other activities.
Social benefit
"Future Space" is a long-term public welfare project of GOME. In the first phase of the project after the Ya'an earthquake in Sichuan, GOME donated 4 million yuan for disaster relief immediately and built 10 "Future Space" multimedia classrooms.
In the second phase of the project, GOME donated 2.8 million yuan worth of electrical equipment to 9 schools in poverty-stricken areas of Ludian, Yunnan. At the same time, 10 "Future Space" multimedia classrooms were built to benefit nearly 30,000 students each year.
Economic benefit
GOME's "Future Space" project launched online "WeRun" campaign, which attracted many netizens' attention and spread GOME's responsible brand image. People from all walks of life formed nearly 400 walk-donation groups led by "Future Space", with a total number of 1.081 million participants and over 1.449 million yuan of donation.
At the Sixth China Philanthropy Festival, GOME won two national public welfare awards, "Public Service Practice Award 2016" and "2016 Public Welfare Image Award" for its "Future Space" public welfare project and the documentary "Children of the Mountain".
In the future, GOME will continue to enrich and improve the "Future Space" public welfare project, strive to ensure that every child can enjoy "fair and quality education" and help targeted poverty alleviation. At present, the third phase of the project has been launched. GOME will build "Future Space" classroom in Leishan County, Guizhou province, providing quality education resources of music, sports, fine arts and other courses for children in mountain areas. GOME hopes that this long-term assistance mechanism can benefit more children from the project.
At the same time, GOME will continue to innovate in the practice mode of corporate social responsibility. With an open mind, it will actively unite a wide range of social forces to build a public welfare ecosystem with cross-platform cooperation, realizing the sustainable development of society.
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