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Heng An Standard Life Insurance Co., Ltd: Promoting “Jian Yue Start” program to care for the health of customers

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Company profile
Heng An Standard Life Insurance Co., Ltd (HASL) was established in 2003. Headquartered in Tianjin, HASL has been operating for 11 years with subsidiaries spreading across China. Branches have been successfully set up in Tianjin, Qingdao, Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Guangdong and Dalian. The number of Central sub-branches, sub-branch and sales offices has reached over 70. As a JV insurer, HASL adhered to the concept of putting customers' needs first to develop in the market, and has built up an integrated product line to meet the customers' various demands in different stages of their lives covering retirement, health and financial planning, etc.
With the environment deterioration, the life and psychological pressure, the population suffered from major diseases and cancers in China is gradually becoming younger, which brings a heavy burden to ordinary families. The phenomenon of poverty caused by diseases is not uncommon. Due to lack of protection, weak insurance awareness, and scarce medical channels, people's need for resistance to risks is becoming stronger. HASL realizes that only by caring for customers' health in an all-round way and avoiding customers' health risks to the greatest extent, can we save social resources and improve the quality of life.
Since its establishment, HASL always adheres to the brand concept that “life is more than making a living”, listens to the voices of customers and keeps a closer eye on market demand. While paying attention to customers and meeting their needs, it devotes to improving the living standards of customers.
Launching public screening for serious diseases to ensure customers’ health
Professional physical examinations can help to discover sub-health symptoms and potential diseases in an earlier time. HASL pays great attention to customers’ health and cares about customers’ rights and interests. It has launched “Jian Yue Start” health screening program, a special project to care about customers’ health, nationwide at the beginning of 2016. The program adopts the registration method of doing health questionnaires online. The health expert advisory team of HASL selects authoritative physical examination institutions of high quality in the local through field research and investigation to provide targeted special physical examination services for customers and their relatives and friends who are in need. The “Jian Yue Start” program is totally free, except for several special examinations.
Integrating resources of many parties and caring about customers’ health
To satisfy customers who are in need as much as possible, HASL integrates all resources of the company and overcomes difficulties to promote “Jian Yue Start” program to all the places where the branches of the company locate. The company mobilizes the marketing personnel of 10 branches in the nation to visit customers one by one and to publicize the program. It cooperates with famous media to widely spread the mission, value and meaning of this health screening program. Besides, the company makes uses of the WeChat Moments’ advantage of reaching customers directly to send health warnings regularly to raise their attention to their health.
The “Jian Yue Start” health screening activity spreads the newest health information to customers rapidly and timely and displays its spirits of working things out in detail to customers. It cares about not only customers, but also their relatives and friends. The “Jian Yue Start” spreads the awareness of health and prevention and displays the equal and philanthropic sentiments of HASL.
Settling claims at the first time to solve the urgent needs of customers
The mission of carrying out “Jian Yue Start” cancer screening program is to raise customers’ concern about health and to increase their capacity of resisting risks. After diagnosing the disease and making sure that the customers meet the insurance claim conditions, HASL will pay claims to customers at the first time to facilitate them to cope with trials in life and relieve the stress of illness with speedy response.
After involving over 9000 customers in the special physical examination, HASL finds that most people are in the state of sub-health and the incidence of cancer is getting younger. The original intention of “Jian Yue Start” activity is to let everyone realize the importance of health, stay up less, eat less fat, and have a regular routine. Especially, the breadwinners of the family should have the insurance awareness of prevention and take preventive measures. For those customers suffering from serious illness at an earlier stage who are identified in the screening and meet the claim conditions, HASL will reach the customers at the first time to show their care and guarantee for customers with speed and sincerity and be their solid backing.
Keeping improving programs to benefit more customers
The “Jian Yue Start” health screening program in 2016 mainly focused on the screening of incidental cancers. It will expand screening scope gradually to cover common serious illnesses and design special physical examination items according to age and gender, like those for women and children. As there are great regional differences in China, to provide better services for customers and their relatives and friends, the company plans to cooperate with more authoritative examination institutions of high quality and holds a highly responsible altitude to provide more precise examination results.
The aim of conducting health screening is to raise the public’s attention to health and enhance their health consciousness and prevention awareness. HASL plans to let the health care benefit more groups of people. It will continue integrating more social resources and gradually open the “Jian Yue Start” program to the society to enhance the public’s health awareness and improve their health and wellbeing with practical actions. As an insurance company dedicated to caring about the living standards of customers, HASL has responsibilities and obligations to promote and safeguard the public’s awareness of health. Health is the biggest insurance of life. HASL will accompany customers all the way on the road of improving health awareness.
The “Jian Yue Start” program aims to raise people’s attention to their health and to help them discover, diagnose and cure diseases at an earlier stage. Meanwhile, it is a beneficial action which responses and implements the nation’s big strategy of “Health China”.
Social benefit
At present, the business of HASL has covered 10 provincial branch companies and municipalities with independent planning status and over 70 prefecture cities. It works together with professional and authoritative physical examination institutions in the local to provide customers with professional screening of cancers and other specific diseases.
In 2016, HASL invested nearly one million yuan and deployed 3000 relevant workers and collaborators. Nearly 10 thousand customers got benefits form the “Jian Yue Start” health screening activity. In the future, HASL will provide more fitness-for-all programs and encourage them to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.
Economic benefit
HASL always puts the rights and interests of customers at the first place and puts it into practice, which not only spreads its brand concept that “life is more than making a living”, but also improves its brand reputation and builds a responsible enterprise image, just as what a beneficiary has said, “I’m deeply grateful for the company’s ‘Jian Yue Start’ activity. If it were not for this screening, I wouldn’t anticipate my disease and take timely treatment before the disease turns worse. Now I have reexaminations each half a year. I go to work happily and enjoy the beauty of life every day.”
In the future, HASL will also unite more organizations and communities to actively promote the concept of health to the public. HASL believes that raising the public's awareness of caring for their own health will not only bring benefits to individuals and families, but also ease the pressure on medical institutions and save more medical resources for the society. Therefore, in the future, HASL will also take this as an important corporate social responsibility, and vigorously promote the deepening and upgrading of “Jian Yue Start” program.
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