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Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau:Government-enterprise cooperation to promote grid upgrading in urban villages

2018-05-23Source: Sino-Swedish CSR Websiadmin0010

Company profile
Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau Co. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid, undertakes the mission of supplying power for 3.05 million clients in an area of 1,952.84 square kilometers in Shenzhen city (except for Shekou). In 2016, Shenzhen consumed 842,00 GWh of power, witnessing a year-on-year increase of 4.4%, and its maximum grid load reached 16.26 million KW, becoming the forth city grid in China whose maximum grid load exceeds 16 million KW and the mega city grip with the highest load density and leading in the reliability of power supply. The company owns 231 transformer stations of or over 110 KV and 4,396 kilometers of power transmission line of or over 110 KV.
Due to historical reasons, the unapproved construction projects in urban villages of Shenzhen city used to be nothing new. Lots of unregulated power consumption caused the surge of electrical load. As a result, there are problems of excessive electrical load and safety hazards in most of the urban villages. According to preliminary statistics, there are 1,427 urban villages in Shenzhen, which can accommodate nearly 10 million people, accounting for over a half of the total population of Shenzhen. In summer, the peak of power consumption, the problem of frequent power failure in some areas is more severe, having a substantial impact.
Meanwhile, due to factors like the large size of these urban villages, complicate property ownership and the large number of interest subjects being involved, the power supply bureau could not implement overall transformation of power grid in the urban villages alone, but has to adopt the emergency management mode of repairing and replacing the equipment one by one and improving the capacity of transformers or increasing transformers one by one. Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has realized that it is high time to work with cooperative partners to promote grid upgrading in urban villages.
The municipal government of Shenzhen designated the year of 2016 as “city management governance year” and implemented comprehensive governance to fire control, monitoring, power, water supply and drainage and pipeline gas in those urban villages to reach the aim of “five hua”, that is, purification, culture, greening, landscaping and hardening, and to create a safer and more comfortable living environment for the citizens.
Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau seizes the opportunity to implement the overall deployment of China Southern Power Grid. With the support of the government, the company has included power supply upgrading into the overall reconstruction plan of urban villages and carried out grid transformation and upgrading in the urban villages of Shenzhen actively according to the strategy of “government leading, multilateral investment, unified standards, classified implementation, and synchronized takeover”, to remove hazards facing urban villages in power consumption.
Pushing forward the process of urban village governance. Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has urged the government to launch relevant policies actively. So far, with our efforts, 6 district governments, including Luohu, Nanshan, Futian, Longgang, Guangming and Longhua, have issued working plans to promote urban village transformation and reception. The company also has promoted many district governments to invest 523 million yuan for these projects. It also revised its plan accordingly and completed information collection of 1,427 urban villages in Shenzhen city and finished the transformation plan of 2,307 courts in the urban villages, thus laying a foundation to solve power consumption hazards in urban villages. Meanwhile, branches of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau cooperate with local government and sub-district offices actively to promote city governance based on their actual situations.
Building quality demonstration projects. Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau selected 2 urban villages where infrastructure construction lags behind, distribution transformers are seriously overload and safety hazards are outstanding as demonstration sites of the urban village grid transformation and upgrading. In 2016, the company invested 2.4 million yuan to transform and upgrade the power distribution network in Yulv community Guangming New district. During the process, the company promotes the government of Guangming district to make governance plan actively, adopts the working mode of "government leading, power supply implementation, department collaboration, community guarantee", and conducts comprehensive governance of various routes to classify the strong and weak power corridors in Yulv community strictly and make them standard and tidy.
Social benefit
In the power distribution network transformation and upgrading demonstration project, the strong and weak power corridors in Yulv community are well classified, standard and tidy after transformation. The ratio of qualified comprehensive voltage is improved from 99.935% to 99.98%. The installation ratio of smart electric meter is improved from 70% to 100%, and the coverage of low voltage collective meter reading realized 100% from 0. These greatly reduce safety hazards and frequent power failures caused by unregulated power consumption.
The urban village power grid transformation program of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has won wide recognition of the society by virtue of its efforts in building "safe Shenzhen" with the government jointly. It ranked 30 among the one hundred deeds that benefiting livelihood in the eyes of the Shenzhen citizens in the Fourth Nandu Neighborhood Word-of-mouth List selection activity in 2016. Meanwhile, the power distribution network upgrading demonstration program in Yulv community Guangming New district conducted by the company was selected as "city management governance year" program and obtained unanimous praise of the government and the citizens.
Economic benefit
Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau facilitates industrial transformation and upgrading of Shenzhen with excellent power products and thoughtful power services. The transformation and upgrading of urban village grid effectively reduces safety hazards and economic losses caused by stealing and leakage of power. No personal injury or equipment accident happened in the year. The transformation program in the urban villages further improves the company's grid operating efficiency and reduces the cost of power supply.
In 2016, the company invested 3.762 billion yuan in grid construction to further meet the need of power by economic and social development in Shenzhen and solve the bottleneck problem of grid and accelerated the coverage of "power distribution network automatization, fiber-optic communication, smart ammeter and low voltage collective reading" to improve the intelligent level of grid.
The company supports regional economic development with excellent power products and thoughtful power services and serves the industrial transformation of Shenzhen. In 2016, each kilowatt hour of power contributes 23.1 yuan to GDP, thus facilitating the development of Shenzhen.
With the accelerating urbanization, the government and the public are increasingly demanding safe electricity. In the future, the company will continue to strengthen cooperation with the government, increase investment in power grid construction, accelerate the process of power grid transformation, and replicate and promote government-enterprise cooperation in a wider range while fully implementing the reform, development and deployment of China Southern Power Grid.
At the same time, the company will also improve the management based on the optimizing the main network and enhancing distribution network, actively cooperate with the government to promote the construction of power grids, and eliminate the hidden dangers of electricity use in the urban villages, providing reliable, green and efficient power supply to facilitate Shenzhen to be a modernized and international innovative city. 
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