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CCOOP: Serving the innovation and entrepreneurship to realize the brilliant dreams

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Company profile
As one of the core enterprises under HNA Group, CCOOP has been following the development strategy of “Department Stores, Website, Field, Chains and Investment”, and implementing its business concept with an international vision. By relying on mutually inclusive “Four Industries and One Investment”, a brand-new business model of “supply and marketing” has been formed. It integrates the world’s superior commodities resources and balances the networks of urban-rural entity distribution, urban-rural e-commerce and urban-rural logistics distribution relying on internet, modern logistics and finance, aiming to “become a comprehensive service operator of urban-rural commodity circulation in China”. Major businesses under CCOOP include CCOOP Shop, CCOOP Network Trade, CCOOP Field, CCOOP Financial Service, and Minsun. By the end of 2016, the Company’s total asset had reached RMB 45.2 billion, total revenue reached RMB 13.4 billion, and net profit reached RMB 420 million.
The masses, especially rural groups, face the problem of lack of entrepreneurial platforms, funds, and entrepreneurial experience, which can easily lead to failure of entrepreneurship and increase in income and wealth. How to find ways to solve the lack of funds, technology, organization, and management approaches so as to help the public, especially college students, farmers, people with disabilities to solve employment problems, and help them become wealthy has become a problem that the entire society, especially companies need to consider.
CCOOP Group integrates resources of various sectors actively and makes use of its business platform to stimulate the potential of social innovation and entrepreneurship and to build a "three-in-one" mass entrepreneurship support mode, a mode integrating platform, solution and capital.
Platform: Building a stage of innovation and entrepreneurship to provide more equal opportunities
CCOOP Group integrates various resources including capital, commodities, systems and channels and builds a CCOOP Shop-centered office platform and a b2b.ccoop.com.cn-centered online platform to create entrepreneurial platforms for entrepreneurs.
Offline platform
As the core of our entity network, CCOOP Shops spread across urban and rural regions in the form of community supermarkets, convenience stores and stores in towns and villages. They mainly sell daily consumer products and agricultural products, and integrate online-offline functions of commodity sales and distribution. Adhering to the idea of openness and sharing, all physical business stores can become CCOOP Shops through franchising, cooperating, cross-industry partnership and institutional alliance, and the entrepreneurs can become the shop managers.
Online platform                                                                                                  
As a leading e-commerce platform for fast moving consumer goods in China, b2b.ccoop.com.cn upholds the idea of “City Partner” for “building channels and gathering together businesses for win-win cooperation”. We have established a cost-efficient and safe supply chain system covering the whole industry and used supplier resources, both online and offline, to provide franchisees with high-quality, safe and traceable commodities at low prices. CCOOP Shop owners can have access to comprehensive services of one-stop commodity purchase, smart cloud storage and logistics, shop operation, and other comprehensive services. Built on our unique business mode, CCOOP Network Trade provides sales platform, purchase platform, operation management platform, entrepreneurial platform and logistics and distribution services for offline entity shops.
Besides, to meet the special entrepreneurial needs of farmers, CCOOP Field takes building a comprehensive service operator of urban and rural commodity circulation in China as its mission and sets its outlets mainly in urban-rural transition zones. CCOOP has established business incubation bases, office buildings, maker spaces, and incubators for startups to help its members realize entrepreneurship and employment. In this way, farmers can find jobs close to home. This model prioritizes the industrial need and provides sufficient jobs under the drive of startups.
Solution: Providing comprehensive solutions for improving operation and management capacity
We provide entrepreneurs with all-round intellectual support, such as comprehensive solutions and think tanks for shop opening, site selection, purchase, operation and management, and commodity sales. Commodities of CCOOP Shops are well arranged, service rationally configured, products carefully selected, goods properly distributed, and gross benefit well structured. All shops have the same trademark, VI (visual identity), interior decoration, facilities and equipment. We provide franchisees with online platforms, commodities, and operation guidance, as well as supply chain services such as commodities and logistics distribution.
We have set up CCOOP Shop Business School to offer franchisees professional training and establish a standardized system of operation guidance and training to help entrepreneurs acquire the knowledge and techniques of modern retail operation and management in a short time. Such help can improve their operation and management capacity, thus providing a strong support for common prosperity.
The CCOOP Shop Business School provides six training systems of idea, organization, course, faculty, certification and support to give franchisees all-round training support. By creating an excellent training team, improving the curriculum and building a knowledge-sharing platform, we aim to improve franchisees’ operation capacity and raise benefits.
Capital: Improving internet financial services to facilitate financing
We have created the financial service platform CCOOP Financial Service. Based on HNA Group’s all-round financial license resources, we have integrated multiple payment methods through online platforms and built a perfect supply chain financial system to provide entrepreneurs with diversified, autonomous and flexible internet financial services. In rural areas, CCOOP Financial Service is a comprehensive rural service platform. In cities, it is a platform of business consulting and financial services for university students and entrepreneurs. It not only helps farmers take out loans more easily, but also gives university students more financial support to start a business.
CCOOP Group and its subordinate organizations including CCOOP Shop, CCOOP Network Trade and CCOOP Field have formed a special working group to coordinate with the Poverty Alleviation Office of Hainan province. We plan to conduct poverty alleviation work by opening CCOOP shops in poor regions in 18 cities and counties of Hainan, developing and building intangible cultural heritage and building CCOOP Field. The opening of CCOOP shops will provide the poor with startup capital and facilitate targeted poverty alleviation.
Social benefit
In 2016, the CCOOP Shop Business School conducted 183,149 hours of training for 83,445 employees and 410 franchisees. The CCOOP Shop platform has helped 375 people start a business, including 17 university students, 5 farmers and 7 disabled men. Working together with b2b.ccoop.com.cn, CCOOP Network Trade has opened online shops for 50,000 offline supermarkets and convenience stores run by couples. The CCOOP Financial Service provides convenient, fast and low-cost fund-raising services for manufacturers and agents both from upstream and downstream sectors as well as CCOOP shop franchisees.
Economic benefit
Through franchising, there have been over 150,000 CCOOP Shops, which not only facilitate CCOOP Group to cover its business to 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, but also have trained and cultivated many seed managers.
CCOOP will continue to promote and improve the "three-in-one" mass entrepreneurship support model, expand the scope of support, and further increase the supporting efforts for the characteristics entrepreneurship of college students, farmers, disabled groups to boost targeted entrepreneurship.
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