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Goldwind: Innovation in wind power technology to benefit innumerable families with economic and reliable green electricity power

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Company profile
Xinjiang Goldwind Sci & Tech Co.,Ltd.(Goldwind) is an international enterprise specializing in wind turbine generators, R&D and manufacturing of its innovative leading edge wind turbine technology. The company has the proprietary intellectual property rights of Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive (PMDD), representing the technology with the most prospect in the wind power filed. The company’s installed capacity covers over 20 countries across six continents In 2016, the newly installed capacity exceeded 6.34 GW, ranking the No.1 for the 6th consecutive year in China and ranking No.3 in the globe in the list of Global Market of Newly Installed Capacity released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
Under the background of global resources shortage, climate change and increasingly severe environmental conditions, wind power, as a clean, safe and renewable energy source, has received increasing recognition from society. The wind power industry has developed rapidly in North China, Northwest China, and Northeast China where store abundant wind resources. However, the development of wind power is relatively slow in the regions with low wind speeds and complex climates in South China. How to shift wind turbines to regions with low wind speed so that they can adapt to different environment, and be easy accessed and used by electricity customers, further promoting the green wind power to benefit all households, is the current urgent problem of China's wind power industry.
Goldwind, as one of the enterprises that first engaged in equipment R&D and manufacturing in China's wind power industry, adheres to the mission of preserving good enviroment for human beings and reserving more resources for future. Based on its independently owned PMDD technology, the company makes technical innovation continuously, develops wind turbine products adaptable to different environmental conditions, innovates in technology to solve the problem of wind power consumption, and creates new business model to provide full-life circle solutions to wind power programs, with an aim to promote the wide use of wind turbine and wind power in the globe.  
Developing a series of wind turbines adaptable to different operation environment
Different climates and environments have significant impact on wind power equipment. Environmental factors, like temperature, humidity, salt fog, thunder and lightning, will all influence the operation of wind power generators. Built on over 15 years of experience in wind power technology and products R&D, Goldwind carried out systematic adaptability design for different climates in different regions. It conducted repeated simulation tests on the designed products on the basis of full technical verification. At present, it has developed a series of turbines with the installed capacity of 1.5 MW, 2.0 MW, 2.5 MW, 3.0 MW and 6.0 MW, which not only improves power generation efficiency, but also can adapt to operation environments in different areas, like low wind speed, high altitude, low temperature, high temperature, humid, freezing cold and sea environment.
Innovating in smart minigrid technology to produce user-end connection and conduction  of renewable energy resource
Given that large power grid could not realize the connection and conduction of wind power entirely and that users need economic and environmental power supply badly, Goldwind developed a small independent power generation and distribution system, smart minigrid, with power and electron technology as its core. It's a new type of grid which integrates renewable energy generation technology, energy management system and power transmission and distribution infrastructure. The smart minigrid has a steady energy source, mainly wind and light and complemented by natural gas. It uses an efficient power storage method of various forms and adopts an advanced power management and control system to maximize the use of new energy by power consuming units. It can operate either in island or grid-connected modes in coordination with the main grid. When it operates independently, there will be an independent load end which can produce surplus power. Its flexibility of power supply can also achieve accurate fit and joint operation of large grid and smart minigrid.
At present, Goldwind has built smart minigrid internally and in many supply chain enterprises to improve the application proportion of renewable energy in enterprises. From 2013 to now, the International Electrotechnical Commission has 3 criteria in the field of smart minigrid and Goldwind is the participator of the development of these 3 IEC criteria.
Providing comprehensive solutions to make it easier to promote and popularize wind power
As customers do not have adequate experience in wind field construction, operation and maintenance, Goldwind put forward a comprehensive solution covering the full life circle of wind power program for customers for the first time. After years of perfection, the one-stop service of Goldwind covers the earlier stage, construction, operation and maintenance of wind power field program. It provides customers with a series of solutions, including low-voltage ride-through, wind field power management platform, SCADA remote monitoring system and wind power forecast system, with an aim to help customers build a grid-tide friendly wind power field and improve its operation efficiency and profits. Goldwind established Tianyuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a professional subsidiary cooperation, to conduct the construction of standard wind power project based on years' of practice in wind power technology services and the innovative EPC financial service model. Tianyuan New Energy Technology mainly deals with various new wind turbine towers and the R&D and development and application of basic technology. Goldwind makes full uses of technologies like internet of thing, big data, cloud computing and mobile internet, to provide wind power operators with innovative smart energy solutions. Its business covers wind power market services and wind power digitalized products.
Social benefit
Goldwind was elected as one of the world's 50 most innovative enterprises by MIT twice by virtue of its independently owned PMDD technology and solutions target for all regional climates including low wind speed, high altitude, sand and salt fog. Only Goldwind and Siemens have ever won this prize in the global wind turbine industry.
The application of smart minigrid not only solves the use of grid-connected wind power partially, but also promotes the wide use of renewable energy like wind power. Meanwhile, it effectively solves the problems facing conventional power supply stations in remote areas in our country, like long transmission distance, low capacity, huge line losses and high cost in building substations, which greatly supports the supply of universal power services in remote areas and areas that couldn't be covered by conventional grids. Besides, the smart microgrid plays an active role in improving the disaster resistance capacity building of the power system, providing regional accident support and alternate function, and realizing the optimal allocation of power resources. At present, the smart microgrid has been put in production in places of Goldwind Science and Technology Beijing Park (second stage construction), Dafeng, Jiangsu and Yueyang, Hunan, creating economic value and environmental profits for the local.
Through continuous product optimization and innovation in business model, Goldwind has promoted the wide use of wind turbine in the globe and generated more green power. By the end of 2016, it had generated over 76 trillion kilowatt hours of green power, which means having saved 269,600 tons of standard coal, reduced the emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and smoke dust by 777,900 tons, 44,800 tons, 60,800 tons and 14,400 tons respectively, and planted 42,508,900 square meters of forest.
Economic benefit
Relying on the numerous excellent performances of PMDD power generator, Goldwind has made substantial progress in low wind speed areas and marine wind power in recent years, thus forming its core competitive advantage, receiving the wide acknowledge of the market and expanding its market share. At the end of 2016, the company's accumulated installed capacity exceeded over 38 GW, accounting for 27.1% of the national market and ranking first for six consecutive years in China, taking up 70% of the gross export volume of wind turbine in China and acquiring an outstanding share of 12% in the global newly installed capacity market. Expect for the marketing of wind turbine, it also made remarkable progress in wind power field development and wind power services, which took up 15.19% of the company's revenue in 2016.
Goldwind is committed to becoming an international provider of integrated solutions for clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection. In the future, it will continue to consolidate the advantages of the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of wind turbine generators while accelerating the pace towards the mature wind power value chain with more development and added value to provide customers with integrated wind power solutions including wind power equipment manufacturing, smart energy services, clean power, etc. The company will strive to realize the dream of allowing all households to use economically stable green power. 
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