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Commercial Aircraft Cooperation of China: Realizing China’s dream for manufacturing large aircrafts by leveraging green innovation

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Company profile
Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC or the "Company") is a centrally managed core enterprise in civil aircraft industry of China and a central backbone enterprise. COMAC functions as the main vehicle in implementing large passenger aircraft programs in China. It is also mandated with the overall planning of developing trunk liner and regional jet programs and realizing the industrialization of civil aircraft in China. COMAC is engaged in the research, manufacture and flight tests of civil aircraft and related products, as well as marketing, servicing, leasing and operations of civil aircraft.
COMAC is formed and operated according to the standards of modern enterprise system, and adopts an "airframer-suppliers" model, focusing on aircraft design, final assembly, manufacturing, marketing, customer service, airworthiness certification, and supplier management. COMAC adheres to the principle of "development with Chinese characteristics" and attaches great importance to technological progress and self-reliant advancement in the process of marketing, integration, industrialization and globalization. The company endeavors to manufacture large passenger aircraft that are safer, cost-effective, comfortable and environment-friendly. COMAC is determined to independently build large Chinese passenger aircraft that will soon be soaring through the blue skies. 
The number of flights in the world is expected to be double in the following 15 years. Under the background of the continuous climbing of carbon emission of aviation industry, the climate change negotiation in the 39th ICAO assembly held in 2016 is the first global industry emission reduction market mechanism.
For civil aircraft manufacturers in the globe, a key factor to win sustainable competitive advantage in the market is how to implement the concept of low carbon and energy saving in the design of aircrafts and how to tackle with the challenge of emission reduction and improve fuel efficiency through green design and green manufacture technologies while guaranteeing safety.
Modern large airliner is the most efficient transportation tool which creates the civilization of human flight. As a member of the world civil aircraft family, COMAC works together with customers and cooperative partners. It devotes to providing safer, more economic, comfortable and environmental friendly civil aircraft, thus enabling more people to enjoy the fruits of aviation technology and leading human into a new era characterized by higher safety level and lower flying risks, a new era in which man and the nature coexist harmoniously. It builds a bridge for human friendship, civilization and progress, which promotes the global sustainable development.
Visually, in design, the nose of C919 aircraft adopts the international advanced technology which is now only used in the latest Boeing 787 aircraft among the presents trunkliners. Compared to the 6-windshield design adopted by B737 and A320 aircraft, C919 aircraft uses only 4 windshields, which is more beautiful. Also, it has a bigger windshield area, and the view of the pilot is broader. More importantly, long-term pneumatic tests show that the nose of C919 aircraft has a better streamlined contour. Therefore, the resistance during the flight is less, which can help to save energy. 
Meanwhile, the airfoil of C919 aircraft is developed and manufactured independently by Chinese for the first time. It’s the most popular advanced supercritical airfoil in the world civil aircraft field. The special appearance of this kind of airfoil allows the aircraft to adopt a lighter structure, which enables it to fly faster in the range of sonic speed. It is this adjustment in the appearance of pneumatics that reduces oil consumption of the aircraft by 7%. Besides, C919 aircraft has very advanced winglet on the wingtip, similar to the appearance of Boeing 787 aircraft. This design can reduce eddy on the wingtip and reduce part of resistance, thus improving fuel efficiency. Internally, C919 aircraft pays great attention to reducing weight and resistance in design. It also adopts the advanced new generation engine LEAP-1C, which greatly reduce the cruising specific fuel consumption, thus making it stand out in economy. Its field noise meets the fourth stage noise requirement of ICAO and also has a margin.
C919 large aircraft contributes to the global environment with advanced vision and criteria. Its carbon emission is 50% of comparable jetliners, which fully meets the international environmental standards in 2020. It is indeed an advanced aircraft of green performance and adaptable to environmental requirements. By May 2017, a total of 570 orders have been obtained from 23 customers. The development and application of environmental technologies, like low energy consumption, low emission and less noise, increases the company’s green competitiveness and helps it win the recognition of international market.
On May 5, 2017, C919 large passenger aircraft achieved the first flight in success. For COMAC, the first flight of the C919 large passenger aircraft means that the project will enter the trial phase and airworthiness certification. The ultimate goal is to achieve successful development of the model, market success and commercial success. As China gradually leaps to the largest commercial aircraft market in the world, the C919 will surely occupy a place with its outstanding environmental performance and relatively low manufacturing costs, helping civil flights to achieve a more low-carbon development.  
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