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COSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd: working with SMEs to promote clean energy development and protect our homeland


Company profile
COSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd (formerly China Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd), a specialized corporation affiliated to China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, is mainly involved in supply chain integrated financial services. It was established in 1997, with head office in Shanghai, the PRC, and is listed both in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The registered capital of the Company is RMB11.68 billion. As at 30 June 2017, the Company had total assets of RMB124.92 billion.
Through restructuring transactions, the Company is expected to experience a strategic transformation, and change from a container liner operator into an integrated financial services platform with leasing businesses such as vessel leasing, container leasing and non-shipping leasing as core and shipping financing as feature.
Relying its superior innovative ability, strong risk control ability and experienced and specialized team, the Company continued to develop its financial leasing service for SMEs, and carried out non-aeronautical financial leasing services in areas such as medical care, education, energy and innovation to improve people's livelihood, promote the development of clean energy, thus helping enterprises upgrade to "China's smart manufacturing" and supporting the development of China's real economy.
In recent years, the impact of consumption of traditional energy on ecology and environment is becoming more and more obvious. To develop clean energy is more and more important for coping with climate change and realizing the sustainable development of national economy. Due to the rich clean energy in the western region of China, such as wind and light, and the support of national policies, most SMEs choose to invest in energy projects, like photovoltaic projects, in the central and western regions. However, small and medium-sized energy enterprises in western China are facing greater financing problems due to their own reasons, such as the weak capital supply chain, and the relative lack of financial resources in the economically underdeveloped western regions. The clean energy industry and local economic and social development are subject to greater Restrictions.
The Company has always taken clean energy business as one of its core businesses. It focuses on clean energy in central and western regions, and is dedicated to providing flexible, targeted and professional financial leasing products and services for middle and small-sized enterprises, promoting the development of clean energy industry with industrial partners jointly, and making an active contribution to local economic and social development.
Focusing on the development of clean energy like photovoltaic power, hydropower and wind power in central and western regions
Responding to the national energy policies, The Company pays great attention to clean energy like photovoltaic power, hydropower and wind power. It has taken clean energy business as one of its core businesses and focuses mainly on energy programs in central and middle regions to facilitate the development of clean energy industry. As a result, the company has realized a coordinated development of economy and environment, while meeting the increasing demand of energy.
Providing professional and targeted financial leasing services
The Company, on the one hand, emphasizes on the professional building of industrial personnel and has formed a professional operation team by ways of talent introduction and cultivation. On the other hand, it works hard to promote industrial development by establishing special energy departments and making special constitutional document like Energy Credit Guidelines. In virtue of its professional personnel and carefully fractionized industry sectors, the company takes equipment leasing as a bond to provide more targeted products and more efficient services for middle and small-sized enterprises, including photovoltaic power and hydropower generating enterprises and enterprises investing in energy programs, according to their fund operation characteristics.
Promoting the development of clean energy industry with industrial partners jointly
In order to follow the newest development trend of the industry, the company has held and taken part in some related industrial seminars, such as the conference on the industrialized operation of charging piles and electric vehicles and the workshop on financial leasing companies serving new energy enterprises, to explore opportunities and challenges for clean energy development with industrial partners, to provide more targeted financial leasing products and services, and to lay a solid foundation for better serving the development of clean energy.
Social benefit
The Company provided targeted financial leasing solutions to the business operation of photovoltaic power stations and hydropower stations in middle and central regions as well as to their further development and expansion so as to help them set a model for local energy enterprises. This also provides local residents an access to convenient and environment friendly local clean energy and injects unceasing green momentum for local development. For instance, the company provided targeted long-term financial leasing service for Mujing hydropower station to support its business operation. The hydropower station is expected to supply 107.66 million kWh of power each year, which can save 34000 tons of standard coal and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide by 86000 tons, 2543 tons and 1272 tons respectively each year, compared with thermal power.
Economic benefit
In 2016, The Company invested 3.917 billion yuan on 22 clean energy programs and energy business has become one of its core businesses. Owing to this business, The Company has built a good brand image and the company's influence and market competitiveness have witnessed a continuous improvement.
In order to better serve the clean energy industry, the company will continue to extensively search for quality distributed photovoltaic projects in a range of areas including the central and western regions of China in the future, and continue to focus on the development of clean energy-related industries, such as new energy vehicles and charging pile industries; for the financial leasing demand of SMEs and other organizations, more targeted and specialized products and services innovation will be conducted; it will also strengthen the building of professional personnel to promote energy contract management and enhance professional services; at the same time, the company will strengthen the cooperation with all parties to continue studying more products and services model in line with market demand, create a brand in the financial leasing market and enhance the competitiveness of the industry. All of the efforts will promote the development of clean energy and application market, and protect the ecological environment and safeguard our homeland while serving economic and social development.
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