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State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company: Innovative services boosts shore power to create a green future of the port


Company profile
Jiangsu Electric Power Company is one of the largest provincial grid companies of the State Grid Corporation of China. It has 13 municipal companies, 51 county level companies, and more than 20 scientific researches, maintenance and construction units. It serves 38million customers in Jiangsu province. The existing staffs are about 39,000 people and agricultural workers are about 4.3 million. As SGCC Jiangsu has more than 29,000substations, each of them is over 35kv, and 87,000 km transmission lines, so its grid size is larger than the United Kingdom, Italy and other foreign countries, and qualified Voltage rate and the ability to withstand risks reach international advanced level. At present, SGCC Jiangsu has entered the UHV, large power grid, and high load era.
In 2015, the electricity consumption of Jiangsu province was 511,5 billion kWh, an increase of 2.04%.; the maximum load of Dispatch electricity was 84,8 million kWh, an increase of 3.34%. The annual electricity sales were 436,4 billion kWh, an increase of 2.35%; investment in fixed assets was 32,9 billion yuan; the construction of 110-500 kV line was 2841 km with 21,98 million kVA transformer capacity; the operating income was 269,9 billion yuan, profits of 7 billion yuan; total assets was 269,1 billion yuan.
With the rapid development of China's shipping industry, the traditional energy consumption of ship is serious, which becomes the main source of air pollution in river and coastal cities. Comparing to coal-fired power plants and motor vehicle emissions, ship emission ranks third. Jiangsu is located in the Yangtze River Delta region, the Yangtze River across it from east to west 425 km. It has inland waterway 24,300 km, more than 290 large and small lakes, 954 km coastlines and seven ports that are in the list of 53 national major ports that State Department of Transportation announced. As one year ship pollutant emissions in rivers have reached 130,000 tons, the PM2.5 in Jiangsu is up to 2.52 percentage points. Governance of ship pollution is imminent
Ship’s pollutant emissions rank first when it is in the port. Shore power technology is one of the important measures to control the pollution of ships in port. The technology can significantly reduce pollutant emissions, and improve the port air quality by changing the mode of electricity that ship used - using land clean energy generate electricity from generators to replace ship's own fuel (coal). For SGCC Jiangsu, this is both responsibility and opportunity.
 By giving full play to own professional advantages, SGCC Jiangsu innovates a number of power marketing services. It comprehensively promotes the construction and application of shore-to-ship power supply system and "electricity alternative", which encourage ship users choosing green electricity, promote ship energy saving and emission reduction. Through these ways, green energy using will be realized in the future.
Innovating on shore power technology publicity and promotion of work model
SGCC Jiangsu actively built innovative construction mode and operation mode of shore power facilities to guide the third party to invest in shore electricity projects, so that the business model that let users, power grid and third party participate in is created. EMC-Energy Manage has been created to build shore power: energy-saving companies invest in the construction of shore projects first; the port paid for them with electricity service fees that it received. This new manage model significantly reduces the initial construction cost of the port. By establishing the alliance of manufacturers and making full use of the technical and personnel advantages of cooperative enterprises, the coverage of shore electricity has been further expanded.
SGCC Jiangsuconstantly innovates port shore publicity. In order to enhance the awareness of port and ship users for shore power knowledge, SGCC Jiangsucarried out technical advisory services of shore-based power supply and related policy publicity work for ship companies, and helped them with cost accounting. It provided professional guidance and technical support for the port to jointly promote the transformation of ship equipment and provide post-maintenance services, which not only help port users realized that electricity are useful, but also release ship companies’ worry about using shore electricity. In order to promote the landing of shore-based power policy, SGCC Jiangsu, municipal commission of economy and information technology, provincial transport department, provincial department of environmental protection, provincial price bureau and Jiangsu marine board formed a promotion group to establish collaborative propulsion mechanism to help provincial government formulate and publish opinions on accelerating the promotion of port shore systems, which cleared work objectives and specific measures of shore electricity. The smooth promotion of shore electricity was guaranteed.
For the sake of enhancing all parties’ desire of using shore-based power, SGCC Jiangsu urged the government to introduce incentive policies, and took the initiative to undertake shore system transformation of users. The shore facilities construction costs in port and related additional costs of ship companies had been reduced with  all designed free of charge and half of the construction fee. In order to protect the port and the ship as soon as possible to enjoy the price policy, SGCC Jiangsu actively studied preferential electricity price that supported the development of shore-based power. Therefore, shore electricity meter measurement and electricity billing work of all port had been pushed on to promote shore power construction into a virtuous circle.
Improving the supporting services for share power promotion  
SGCC Jiangsu has formulated Notice on Further Strengthening Replacement of Electric Power, which clarified the management process of this project, and established efficient operation mechanism in marketing, management, financial and material, which shortened implementation cycle of shore power project and vigorously improved users’ enthusiasm in implementation of shore power transformation. SGCC Jiangsu continued to optimize shore power service process: collected potential information in installation application and electricity inspection link; added survey contents for potential users in site investigation and provided users with consultation of shore power construction technology; provided full tracking service to potential shore power project, and put shore power related needs like new installation and increased capacity into the green channel. The time that spent on all of these processes shorten by 50%. SGCC Jiangsu has continuously strengthened the technological innovation of shoreline services to enhance the convenience of shoreline services, and developed various functions of shore power charging system, such as credit card, WeChat and APP payment, which helped reduce port management costs and ship convenient in electricity connection.
Up to December 2015, SGCC Jiangsu had been accumulated to promote the construction of 10 sets of high-pressure shore power system, 524 sets of low-voltage shore power system, and 2,832 sets of mall capacity shore power system that full coverage of shore power in river banks and lake shores had been realized.
Social benefits
In 2015, shore power consumption reached 26.24 million kwh, which was expected to reduce emissions of 1040.4 tons of nitrogen oxides and 918.4 tons of sulfur dioxide. By cooperating with Port of Lianyungang, SGCC Jiangsu took the lead to build the country's first set of high-pressure shore power system in No.59 berths of Lianyungang to supply shore power use for 15,000 tons of "China and South Korea Star" passenger and cargo ship which could save annual fuel about 4.2 million tons. By doing these, the emissions of 1294 tons of carbon dioxide, 43 tons of sulfur oxides and 40 tons of nitrogen oxides had been reduced. Energy saving and emission reduction effect is remarkable.
Economic benefits
Through innovative power marketing services, SGCC Jiangsu promotes the construction and application of shore power system that achieving energy saving and shore power supply and consumption, establishing a responsible grid corporate image by enhancing its external recognition and reputation.
In 2015, China's ministry of transport published Special Implementation Plan of Pollution Prevention about Ship and Port(2015~2020), which clearly defined to promote the construction of shore power facilities in Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Sea (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei) emission control area by the end of 2018, and encourage other ports to use shore power. SGCC Jiangsu will continue to innovate power marketing service, and steadily push forward the construction and application of the shore-based power supply system in Jiangsu port and help its promotion in the whole country, further promote the energy saving and reduction of ships emission in port, build the green port and realize sustainability development of the environment.
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